Strada del Culatello di Zibello

The Culatello di Zibello is a typical cured meat of the Terre di Verdi. On the right bank of the river Po, the area included between Busseto, Polesine Parmense, Zibello, Soragna, Roccabianca, San Secondo, Sissa and Colorno has the ideal climate for the production and maturation of a unique kind of cured meat that boast an exquisite taste and excellent organoleptic properties.

Each gourmet food and wine tour offered by the Terre di Verdi website includes a tasting of Culatello di Zibello, which can also be savoured in the best restaurants.

Thanks to the Protected Designation of Origin – PDO (EC regulation n. 1263/96), an important European sign of quality, for some years now the Consorzio del Culatello di Zibello has been the guarantor of a healthy product, as natural as all the culinary delights of the Parma area and Verdi’s Land.

The maturation period varies from 10 months for smaller culatelli (at least 3 kilos) to 14 months on average for the others. About 13,000 culatelli are produced annually and exported worldwide.

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