From 1365 to 1817, San Secondo Parmense was the official residence and fief of Counts and Marquises Rossi. The nuptials celebrated between Pietro Maria III Rossi and Camilla Gonzaga in 1523 are remembered in the traditional Palio delle Contrade, a historical pageant held every year on the first Sunday of June.
The imposing Fortress stands out in the village; Pier Maria Rossi had it built in the mid-1400s for military purposes, but it was then turned into a residence.  The piano nobile is decorated with a huge cycle of paintings depicting fables, myths and the history of the noble family.
The pieve di San Genesio lies just a few kilometres away from the village; it is the most ancient Romanesque church in the Parma lowlands, and its existence has been documented since 1016. 
San Secondo owes its fame to the spalla, a cold cut obtained from the front shoulder of the pork, which is celebrated every year in August during a traditional town festival.

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Image courtesy of the Castelli del Ducato di Parma e Piacenza Photo Archive.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Comune di San Secondo Parmense: +39 0521 377311
Carabinieri (National Gendarmerie): +39 0521 872175
Tourist Office: +39 0521 871500 – 873214

San Secondo
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