The origins of Soragna date back to the Lombard Age; in 1198, the town became a possession of the Lupi family, who had the castle built at the end of 1300.

The imposing 14th-century building with its five towers, drawbridge and moat was refurbished during the 1500s and became a sumptuous palace.

The castle features several halls decorated with frescoes such as the Sala delle Fontane (Fountain hall), decorated with grotesque figures by Cesare Baglione, the Sala Gialla (Yellow Hall), also known as Sala di Nicolò dell’Abate, which has four frescoes transferred on canvas that depict mythical scenes taken from Hercules’s life, the Sala Rossa (Red Hall) with six oval landscapes by Brescianino, family portraits and exquisite furniture.

Another gem of the castle is the baroque Sala degli Stucchi (Stucco Hall), where brothers Ferdinando and Francesco Galli (known as ” i Bibiena”) decorated the ceiling with scenes taken from the glorious history of the Meli Lupi family and their victories against the Ottomans.

Next to the Castle, there is a Synagogue and the Jewish museum Fausto Levi, which showcases documents and exhibits of Jewish local history and traditions from the beginning till now.

A short distance away from the Castle, an ancient dairy farm owned by Princes Meli Lupi is home to the Parmigiano Reggiano museum, which tells the story of the king of cheeses from the Middle Ages till now.

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Image courtesy of the Castelli del Ducato di Parma e Piacenza Photo Archive.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Comune di Soragna: +39 0524 598911
Carabinieri: +39 0524 597023
Soragna Tourist Office: +39 0524 598932

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