Giovannino Guareschi was born in Fontanelle di Roccabianca in 1908, in the area he called the “Little World”. Successful journalist and writer, Guareschi was one of the few able to describe the Terre di Verdi – Verdi’s Land – and those places he used to depict as the “Lowlands, the flat stripe of fertile land, laid along the right bank of the Po river, between Piacenza and Guastalla.

Author of the famous Don Camillo and Peppone series, essayist, humourist and director of the weekly magazine “Candido”Guareschi was a strong figure; he had close ties with this area and its values, and he deeply loved the human features of the “Little World”. “My characters move in a village that is familiar to me” he loved to write as he portrayed the beauty and adversity of this stretch of land through the description of social struggles, the tragic war experience and the political clashes in the post-war period.

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