The current Regional Park is the result of the union between the regional river  park “Parco regionale fluviale dello Stirone” and the nature reserve “Riserva Naturale Geologica del Piacenziano”. The so-called Area Stirone extends over the two banks of the eponymous stream from the site called “La Villa” (situated upstream on the Stirone) to the Via Emilia bridge in Fidenza. This park owes its importance to the fossiliferous layers that show evidence of the ancient sea that submerged the Po valley thousands of years ago. This ecosystem also offers various species of typical river flora and fauna.

The park has recreation areas, parking areas, trails and an open-air museum  where   you   can   admire  a stunning canyon carved by the waters of the Stirone. Access to the canyon is gained by the “Le Cascatelle” area, which  is equipped with a parking area. The escarpments are up to 10 metres high as the riverbed has eroded compacted day and sand layers dating back to the Pliocene and the Pleistocene. A visitor centre for didactic activities is situated in Scipione Ponte, not far from Salsomaggiore Terme.

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