Municipality of Varano de’ Melegari, 31 km from Parma

Opening period

From the 31st of March to the 30th September


Varano Castle was built in 1208 on a rock of sandstone and modified in 1400.

It was a strategic stronghold for guarding Ceno river valley and is one the best examples of defensing architecture.

It shows some differences with the other castles of Parma: three of the four towers are aligned on the part looking over Ceno river, the central tower in placed at the north angle toward the street; morevoer the entrance is located in the central tower along the side of the castle.

Source: Associazione dei Castelli del Ducato di Parma e Piacenza – Link
Images courtesy of the Castelli del Ducato di Parma e Piacenza Photo Archive

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