Salsomaggiore cold hypertonic spa water, rich in iodine and bromine, is among the richest in mineral salts (about 150 g/l). This water is extracted from wells at a temperature of 16°/7°C and at a density of 14° Baumé (1° Baumé corresponds to approximately 11 grammes of salt per litre), and has about 151 per mille of dry residue of dissolved salts at 180°C.

It is the spa water with the highest concentration of iodine (0.054 grammes per litre) and bromine (0.23 grammes per litre); it also contains iron salts, which oxidize in air and make the water rust-coloured.

Thanks to its characteristics, this water:

  • has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • has analgesic properties;
  • stimulates the endocrine system;
  • has antiseptic properties and restores the mucociliary activity of the respiratory system.

Salsomaggiore spa water helps rebalance the body, and can prevent and treat rheumatic and respiratory diseases, gynaecological problems and peripheral vascular diseases.

Le acque salsobromoiodiche  hanno una duplice azione:

Protective action:

  • Antalgic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Disinfectant
  • It stimulates skin microcirculation

Regenerating action:

  • It stimulates skin regenerating and cicatricial process
  • It helps the cellular turnover
  • Antioxidant

Centro Benessere Berzieri

The Berzieri Wellness Centre, situated in a marvellous Art Nouveau palace, offers a number of treatments according to different needs. A one-of-a-kind experience.

Ancient and modern elements blend together in this wellness centre, where you will be surrounded by a great Art Nouveau ambiance while relaxing and indulging in beauty treatments. Health and comfort in a luxurious environment, where you can benefit from spa water treatments inspired by philosophies from all over the world. The centre, which occupies an area of 4,000 square metres, offers three areas dedicated to different treatments for a unique wellness experience.

Three universes dedicated to wellness and wellbeing in one big Centre.

The left wing of the Berzieri Wellness Centre is dedicated to anti-cellulite treatments; here, you find aromatic baths inspired by the “Ancient sea” and “Constellations”, a Turkish bath and spa showers.

The central section of the building is dedicated to Salsomaggiore skin care products, which are used in the beauty farms “Il Tempio della Salute”, but also to couples treatments. Enjoy a pampering day in the “wellbeing suite”, where you can share treatments with your partner and enjoy his/her company. A fantastic way to encourage social relations.

Entering the right wing means exploring the magic of the mysterious East. Your experience begins with the Tepidarium, called “Oriente”, equipped with heated benches; after that, enter the Laconicum, called “Tropici”, and the Frigidarium “Polo”; then, explore the “Amazonia” with its water blades and the Kneipp path. The Tepidarium, with its smell of lavender, helps regenerate your body and mind. The Laconicum, which smells of orange and chamomile, houses a dry Roman sudarium at a temperature of 60°C, which allows you to eliminate unwanted toxins through natural perspiration. After a cold shower, the Frigidarium is an energy boost for blood circulation at a temperature of 15°C; after that, the pulsating jets of the “Lame” path will help decontract muscles, for a relaxing cuddle. Finally, follow the traditional Kneipp path, where hot and cold jets of water pleasantly massage your legs and stimulate peripheral circulation.

The minimum age for access to the Mari d’Oriente pool and to the Berzieri wellness centre is 14 years.


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